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   How to clean the nozzle of motorcycle Date:2017-11-19

How to clean the nozzle of motorcycle Motorcycle nozzle cleaning methods and vehicle maintenance knowledge. We must understand it carefully. In this way, we can avoid accidents and know how to deal with them. 1. The new car running in should be "one full, one strict, three controlled and three diligent": "One full" means full preheating. The engine shall be fully preheated before starting. The engine shall be driven at low speed for 1-2km, and then it shall be driven at high speed; for the second impact locomotive. "One strict" means that there is no strict matching method. The matching proportion of two-stroke mixed oil is very important, and there are different matching proportion and requirements in different periods. "Three controls" (1) to control the speed, the running in shall be carried out in strict accordance with the speed specified in the operating instructions. (2) Control the overload. The load during the running in period shall be controlled below 1 / 2 of the maximum load. It is better not to carry people and things, and to choose a flat road. (3) Control time. During the running in period, the engine shall not be operated for too long, and the engine shall be stopped for a rest every 20-30 minutes. (4) "Three diligence" frequently cleans, frequently checks the lubricating oil and thrifty repairs.

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